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Peridot, Amethyst, Lapis, Jade, Malachite or Coral can all be set in Unusual or Unique Engagement Rings, handcrafted Gold Jewelry.

"Discussing your special ring till the design idea's just how you'd like it, can be very exciting -
so why not contact me today by
or phone, for some free advice. I don't charge for designing."

unique engagement rings

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Distinctive Designs in Gold and Silver
Godfrey Gardner

diamond and gemstone engagement rings, wedding rings and bands

Diamond Engagement Rings

engagement rings
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custom wedding rings

moonstone engagement rings
More Moonstone engagement Rings.
Unusual Engagement Rings. This design is shown in 18ct Yellow Gold, with Diamonds and a 6mm Moonstone.

diamond engagement rings
More Diamond Engagement Rings.
This ring in 18ct white gold has diamonds of 4mm, 3mm and two at 2.5mm. Available in yellow gold too.

wedding rings and bands
More Matching Wedding Rings.
Wavy Wedding Ring Sets. Women's wavy rings fit well when worn next to my engagement ring designs.

"Hi Godfrey, we had our anniversary on the 1st December and I just love my ring, so thank you so much, it's really beautiful and I love that no one else has one like it! All good wishes,
Jill" (Canada).

moonstone engagement rings

unique wedding bands

blue diamond engagement rings

yellow diamond engagement rings


aquamarine rings
Aquamarine Rings.
The beautiful cabochon aquamarine is 5.5mm in diameter. There are also two smaller diamonds and two more aquamarines.

opal and diamond rings
Opal and Diamond Rings.
This ring in 18ct gold, has an Opal with Three Diamonds in my Clouds 11 design.

mens wedding rings
More Mens Wedding Rings.
This ring in 18ct white gold has a dramatic river bed around it! Available in yellow gold too.

"Hi Godfrey, I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you once again for all your help with the ring that I ordered. I proposed to my girlfriend on the weekend and she loved the ring... and said 'yes' of course. Thank you very much for such a lovely ring.
Mitch" (UK).

About Godfrey Gardner

Please me with any questions about a different size or type of diamond or gemstone.

half carat diamond ring
Half Carat Diamond.
This is a sinuous ring in 18ct white gold, set with a 5mm (half carat) diamond and two smaller diamonds.

green sapphire and diamond rings
Green Sapphire Rings.
This ring has a 5mm green sapphire, three smaller diamonds and two smaller green sapphires.

sinuous gold rings
More Sinuous gold Rings.
This 18ct yellow gold ring is set with a tanzanite and two moonstones.

"Godfrey, I know that I haven't had the chance to contact you in months, but I wanted to say thank you once again for the Beautiful ring. It fits perfectly, and the design was magnificent. Also, it arrived right on time. Thank you again for all of your effort on this one of a kind engagement ring. Happy New Year to you and yours!! Best always,
Alexis" (US).

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Godfrey Gardner at his workbench

The Diamonds and Gemstones.
The diamonds I set for you are nice quality, and "conflict-free".

People say a lot of my designs are like Art Nouveau. Well I agree my designs are certainly based on themes from nature and the sea, but the main difference is that I'm not trying to copy nature exactly - just be influenced by it and hopefully produce an organic looking result.

If you're considering a silver engagement ring, let me know as it would be a pleasure to make a special ring for you in this precious metal.

Engagement Settings You can order any of these Ring Designs in White or Yellow Gold, or in Sterling Silver with 18ct White or Yellow Gold settings. You can also have oval stone engagement rings if you prefer, or a mixture of oval and round.

A 60% deposit will get your new ring underway.

"Will you have Gold or Silver?"
All the engagement ring designs here can be made in Sterling Silver or Gold. If the ring is in the beautiful colour of Silver, the stone settings are still made in 18ct White Gold if you have chosen precious stones like Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby, etc.

Here at surprise gold .com you will find gold engagement rings and Unusual Wedding Ring Sets of
Yellow Gold, White Gold or Sterling Silver by Godfrey Gardner - Jewellery Designer and Goldsmith,
"I'll create your wedding ring here at WWW.SURPRISEGOLD.COM to stand out as a reflection of your personality"

"Making my internet customers happy has always been a special priority"


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