pink tourmaline engagement rings

Godfrey Gardner

unique engagement rings UK, with diamonds, gemstones

Pink tourmaline and diamonds with an unusual wavy band design in 18ct gold
2,039.00. More info [>>]

A deposit of 50% (1,019.00), would get your handmade ring underway.

All these ring designs can be altered to suit your wishes, so you could ask to have a different coloured gold, or another type, or colour of gemstone - you could even have coloured diamonds.

pink tourmaline ring with diamonds

sapphire and diamond curl ring

diamond and moonstone engagement ring in yellow gold

green sapphire engagement ring

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opal aquamarine and diamond ring with tendrils

green tourmaline and diamond twig engagement ring

moonstone and diamond ring of clouds design

blue cabochon sapphire and diamond ring

Just diamond engagement rings

diamond and opal engagement ring

sapphire engagement ring in sinuous yellow gold

aquamarine and diamond rings

moonstone and diamond ring in matt yellow gold

Gemstone engagement rings

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