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After a course at the College of Art and Technology, Cambridge, I received my training in the craft of working precious metals at the jewellery and silversmithing departments of Sir John Cass College, London.

I was at the Cass for four years and my studies also included gemmology, enameling, engraving, chasing and repoussé, and various other metalwork related things.. plus I'd sometimes help in the foundry when molten bronze was poured for the sculpture department, but that was just because of my fascination with molten metal!

Here is a necklace (which depicts stars, planets, dust clouds etc), which I made then. It was inspired by Arthur C Clarke's story "2001" - the smoky quartz rectangular feature in the centre represents TMA1, the alien artefact.

Coloured diamond engagement rings with matching wedding rings
Coloured diamond rings and matching wedding rings

I hope you like the ideas you see on my website, but you can always specify a different colour or size of gemstone, or let me design a variation on the theme..

Please come back from time to time to see what's new :)

Diamond engagement rings with matching wedding rings
Diamond rings and matching wedding rings

A trip or two to Venice helped inspire me. Jewellery designers in little workshops here were inspirational in their use of different coloured golds in combination. Apart from all that, this is my sketch of a Venetian backwater, followed by a sketch of the stem of a gondola.

Stem of gondola

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